Licensed Private Investigator providing Thorough Background Checks

When it comes to having accurate and detailed background checks done, turn to the expert at MICHAEL A. DAVIS INVESTIGATIONS. I'm a licensed private investigator with years in the business, skilled in investigations, analysis, and surveillance.


Private Investigator

Whether you have doubts about the background of a new employee, or need to perform an internal investigation of your company, I provide those services for you. As a private investigator, I've provided a wide variety of services to civil, corporate, and criminal law firms, as well as the public sector. I offer number of services that give you the peace of mind when it comes to investigating and finding the truth. Services that I specialize and provide:

• Asset Tracing
• Employment Checks
• Surveillance — Corporate
• Child Caregiver Integrity
• Witness Location and Interviewing
• Conduct Criminal/Civil Investigations
• Consultant on Police Investigations
• Missing Persons
• Crime Scene Analysis
• Surveillance - Relationships
• Financial Background Checks
• Domestic and Internal Investigations
• Expert Opinion on Police
  Investigative Standards
• Statement Analysis
• Background Checks
• Insurance Investigations
• Family and Spousal Investigations
• Consultant for Productions in Movies,
  Newspapers, Radio, and Television
Surveillance Camera

Contact me for a private investigator who provides thorough background checks, and crime scene analysis for the private and public sectors.